facts and questions 

This is a page of my most asked questions :)

My friend, who he follows, RT’d me onto his timeline - he saw my tweet and followed. 

I was at school and Liam tweeted that he’d follow people who tweeted him a picture of themselves holding up their copy of “Up all night.” I couldn’t do it ‘cause I was at school, so my friend went on my account and posted a picture of herself with the album, Liam saw it and followed.

I was RT’d onto his timeline, and he followed me.

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I’ve never met them, though I’ve tried a lot. I’ve seen them four times live. Once at The X Factor tour, once at the “Up all night” tour, once at the “Take me home” tour and once at the “Where we are” tour.


I hate posting pictures of myself, but I do sometimes when people ask.